Michael Mack


Michael Mack

Michael is a Melbourne actor, designer, producer.

"Michael Mack, producer and lead actor as Vince, was fantastically unsettling – that’s a good thing, I promise. He transitioned seamlessly from the witty-tongued best bud in to a hyper-anxious cokehead with a point to prove."― Theatre Press

2016 Showreel

Recent projects I've been apart of this year 'TORN' by Agrapha Pictures, 'The Bad Guy' a film by Max Miller & 'The Two of Us' shot by Mike Wylam.

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Melbourne Actor

"What are they going to say about him? What? Are they going to say he was a kind man? He was a wise man? He had plans? He had wisdom? Bullshit, man!"― Apocalypse Now

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“Anything that gets your blood racing is probably worth doing.”

― Hunter S. Thompson

Email: info@michaelmack.com.au
Phone: (+61) 0432 978 236

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Michael Mack

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Michael from an early age has performed in numerous stage plays, with minor TV appearances. Graduating from 16th Street Studio’s Part Time Program in 2013, Michael has attended classes at Melbourne Actors Studio, Q44 Theatre Company & VCA. Michael continues to work throughout Melbourne as a freelance actor. Theatre credits: 'TAPE' (Play Dead Theatre). Screen credits include 'What If It Works?' (Romi Trower) 'TORN' (Agrapha Pictures), 'The Bad Buy' (Max Miller) & 'The Two of Us' (shot by Mike Wylam.)

Play Dead Theatre


In 2016 Michael Mack successfully produced and starred in Play Dead Theatre’s premiere production of 'TAPE', a play written by acclaimed playwright Stephen Belber. Selling out all 8 performances while also receiving stunning reviews, Play Dead Theatre has surpassed Michael’s wildest expectations when he first envisioned creating the company.

"Tape’s heaving hour of dramatic warfare doesn’t spare a moment and will have you encapsulated in its intimate intensity for every second; it is a truly unique and powerful production with talent oozing from the walls."― Theatre Press

"One thing that I can say with explicit certainty, however, is that there will not be a future production staged by this ambitious new theatre company where you will not see me in attendance."― Radio Monash

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